The Lamyman’s history in farming in south Lincolnshire stretches back over one hundred years and across several generations.  Simon Lamyman has been involved in farming for over four decades and has been at the helm of QUACK! Duck Eggs for more than ten years.


The family diversified from growing potatoes, crops of wheat, sugar, beet and oil seed rape in 2005 when they started keeping ducks for their eggs.  The success and sustainable growth of QUACK! Duck Eggs is due to an in-depth understanding and care for our feathered friends.


Our duck eggs are hand-picked from their nest-boxes every morning and have an ivory white shell and yolks that are naturally rich in colour and flavour.  The eggs make exceptionally light cakes and bakes and are absolutely perfect for rich and creamy crème brûlées and meringues.  


Their supreme flavour makes them a favourite for breakfast; scrambled, boiled, poached or fried (once over easy as the Americans say).  Most people agree that once you have tried duck eggs for breakfast, you will never go back to chicken eggs.


  • Duck eggs have a higher nutritional value than chicken eggs.  (Two times more Vitamin A, six times more Vitamin D and about 75% more Vitamin E). 


  • Duck eggs promote healthy skin as they are high in Omega 3.  

  • Most people who are allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs without allergic reactions.

  • Duck eggs have a considerably longer shelf life if kept refrigerated (six weeks as a maximum) given their tougher shell.

  • Baking with duck eggs makes cakes fluffier and higher rising, because a duck egg's Albumen entreats more air in the egg white.


For breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, here are some great duck egg recipes for you to try. 


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